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fashion girlsThe SITAM-AB School of Fashion Design was founded in 1970 in Thessaloniki - Greece. Since then, it has forged strong links with the field of Garment Manufacture in the North and South of Greece, and has grown with the industry always showing vision and innovation in its training methods, both in terms of fashion, design and technology. Today, it is the strongest training institution in Greece in the field of Fashion and Design.

In the '90s, it developed a strong international dimension with links and collaborations within and outside Europe. Learn about our books, courses and activities which are now available in many languages and countries.

SITAM-AB maintains a comprehensive library with international bibliography of over 5,000 titles on every subject related to Fashion and Design in general. Furthermore, it possesses a valuable collection of slides, video-tapes, CD's and specialized periodicals to provide the most current and up-to date information to students and professionals.