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Distance Learning - Background Information

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SITAM-AB is involved in a variety of activities of a broader scope that extends beyond the strictly academic. It functions as provider and consultant of nationwide Adult Education courses and regularly organizes advanced seminars for the training of the trainers involved. It is currently running research and development projects on specialized subjects and the improvement of training provision. It organizes educational trips in Europe, such as those implemented through the Leonardo da Vinci initiative that involved exchanges between Greek, English and German tutors from SITAM-AB and other European Colleges and Universities. It also organizes creative Fashion Shows and Exhibitions promoting the work of Young Designers.

Group SITAM-AB is the leading partner in two Leonardo da Vinci pilot projects called TELESTIA and ARACHNE. The projects involve the development of Open and Distance Learning tools for vocational training in clothing based on the AB innovative methods.

* For more information please contact eTelestia.com