• July 2017


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    Alex Barba Cuts

    Katerina Samara Cuts

    Katerina Samara Cuts

    Irini georgiadou

    Cuts Elena Ciorba

    Technical Cuts. A combination of style blocks using fit features with mastery. Single or combined colouring with care. Fabric use is the determining factor of image and fit. Careful selection gives a creative updated look of elegant sixties.

    Young Designers:Elena Ciorba, Katerina Samara, Alex Barba, Eirini Georgiadou


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    Anna Mpotsoglou

    Iordanidou Evi

    Stripe Play. A strong creative approach to the possibilities of bold stripe combinations in colour form shape ,and direction. Use of bright clear colours, neon influence, and digital precision. A unique chance to combine with technical powerful cut, and dart manipulation towards creative styling. It is an aggressive theme allowing for the first time this unique chance to impress with all the technical features of colour, line, direction, style , and creative fit.

    Young Designers: Anna Mpotsoglou &  Iordanidou Evi


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    Paraskevi Milona Romantic

    Foteini Milona Romantic

    Elpida Stimoniari Romantic

    Kaliotzi Georgia Romantic

    Romanticism Presence. Romantic imaging as always balances the technical aspects of the other two themes, with a fresh approach. The balance is between an aggressive look that cannot be ignored and a passive old times reflection. Fabrics, prints and colours are the elements and tools to the image making, and the style creation. Romantic prints, lace transparency combinations are strong presences in the look.

    Young Designers: Paraskevi Mylona, Fotini Mylona, Elpida Stimoniari, Kalliotzi Georgia


    all Sarafan


    P F Milona Sarafan

    Alex Barba Sarafan

    Katerina Samara Sarafan

    Eirini Georgiadou Sarafan

    Eleni Ciorba Sarafan

    Theme: Casual Project - Pinafore Dress

    Young Designers: Alex Barba, Paraskevi Mylona, Fotini Mylona, Katerina Samara, Eirini Georgiadou, Elena Ciorba


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    Spiridoula synola

    ciorba synola panteloni

    Iordanidou evi synola

    Theme: Casual Outfits

    Young Designers: Triantafyllidou Spyridoula, Fotini Mylona, Paraskevi Mylona, Georgiadou Eirini, Elena Ciorba, Kalliotzi Georgia, Samara Katerina, Iordanidou Evi


    Group photo


    Jewellery: Kindly provided by Mrs. Popi Mwysidou

    Photo shooting: Studio Vintage, Nikos Papadoglou

    Design - Implementation & Garment Collection: Young Designers SITAM-AB 2017