• June 2016

    Tsoufekou Reach Technology

    Tsakiri Build City

    A city look. Assemble parts and join materials to create something new. See things with a new view and a new vision. The keyword here is mold and create!
    Use technology for a more desirable conditioning, experiment with fabrics and combinations.

    Kostas Tsoufekou & Ellie Tsakiri


    Georgiadou Rose Water

    Botsoglou Romantic Flower Fly

    A romantic trend of roses and pedals. Satin feels and voluptuous shapes.
    Smooth, soft, neutral and pure. Like a rose. It’s alter ego is an aggressive splash of bright colours and delicate shapes found in nature's microcosmos.

    Eirini Georgiadou & Anna Botsoglou.


    Alex Barba New Age of Aquarius

    Iordanidou New Age Aquarius

    A splash of water creating colourful illusions under the sun. Abstract shapes and cuts! Bright summer colors. Like seeing the world and the future through a kaleidoscope with colourful reflections and shapes changing around.

    Alex Barba & Eva Iordanidou


    Mulona Evi, Seeing Spots

    Mulona Fotini, Seeing Spots

    Large spots, small spots or a combination of both. Neutral or bright colours on basic backgrounds.
    An illusion of spots created from the bright sunlight in our eyes. Functional and romantic cuts combined.

    Foteini Mylona & Evi Mylona


    Vasiliki Vasiliadou Samara Paradise Lost

    The promised land of bliss wild flowers and pedals natural colours inspiring hopeful notions of rediscovery. Fluid fabrics and natural prints.

    Vasiliki Vasiliadou


    New designers all together